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Marketing Strategies with

Full Impact. 

Fractional Cost.

Our Fractional CMO Services help family-owned, small and mid-sized businesses to grow. Think of us as the "go-to" for all marketing and sales support efforts for busy business owners and leaders.

What is a Fractional CMO?

I'm sure you may be curious... what is a "Fractional CMO?"

To put it simply, a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer is a part-time executive who takes charge of your marketing program and holds responsibility for all your marketing outcomes.

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, Fractional CMOs have emerged as a sought-after solution for small and mid-sized companies needing expert marketing strategies to scale without the cost and commitment of a full-time hire.

FCMO's seek to understand the company vision and growth goals to then develop and manage the execution of the strategies. Sometimes it is a short-term engagement to establish the foundation and right the ship. Other times it is a long-term needed service for scaling growth. 


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Services you can expect...


-  Marketing plan development to attract new leads plus expand relationships with current customers

- Customer and competitor research to understand pain points and differentiating opportunities

- Buyer process mapping to understand the steps customers take to purchase from you

- Creative messaging development that will resonate with target audiences



Management and Collaboration

- Management of internal marketing team members

- Co-collaboration with all departments that need marketing support

- Liaison between company and external marketing partners such as agencies and printers

- Planning and execution lead on all content, design, video, web, print, and other tactics


Reporting and Analysis

- Brand awareness performance like impressions and content engagement

- Sales impact metrics such as the number of quality leads generated and lead-to-sale conversions

- Team and partner analysis and recommendations related to skills, efficiencies, and improvement opportunities


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1. Quick Call

Schedule a 15-min call to see if Fractional CMO services are a good fit for your organization

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2. Discovery

Deep dive on a longer call to fully understand your goals, needs, and develop a customized proposal

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3. Execution and Delivery

Launch our work together with initial deliverables ready within 30 days

"Highly resourceful marketer with a knack for strategy. His ability to listen to problems, account for small details, and apply the right solutions in clear and digestible format has made big impacts."

Elliott W., Owner

"A tremendous leader who is passionate about helping others. Grant's combination of integrity and communication skills allows those he works with to be successful"

Tyler D., CPA